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Despite appearances, we don't throw anything away.

Despite appearances, we don't throw anything away.

We sort. We recover. We recycle. But we never simply throw away.

Walk into any Ricoh plant and you'll see receptacle after receptacle-each designated for a different type of material. The idea is to avoid sending any waste to landfill.

At Ricoh, waste is a dirty word. Which is why we set stricter standards when defining zero waste to landfill, and why we meet those standards st all our production sites worldwide. Aaltogether, we successfully recycled 34,000tons of what would otherwise have been waste in fiscal 2002.

You don't get to be a global leader in digital office equipment, as we are, without concentrating on the bottom line. But we've learned that it pays to devote equal attention to a larger goal-a world where resource circulation comes naturally. That's why each and every Ricoh employee contributes in some way to reducing waste.

From a business prespective, reducing waste means reducing costs. And reducing costs meads increasing profits. What's more, eco-savvy consumers reward eco-conscious companies, helping create a virtuous cycle of sustainability and profitability. From a gloval prespective, reducing waste means everyone gets to enjoy a cleaner, greener planet.

It's good business, and good thinking to share.


One Gold Medal is awarded each year by the WEC,a U.S.-based non-profit organization.