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RICOH e-Sharing Box

Q:If we used a cloud service, wouldn’t it mean lots of administration issues? A:Your RICOH e-Sharing Box does not require a dedicated administrator. Devices can be registered easily, and managed remotely.

Ricoh remote management service

RICOH e-Sharing Box is supported by Ricoh’s remote management service, @Remote. If a hard disk failure is detected, Ricoh’s Technical Call Center is notified automatically, and a Ricoh customer engineer is sent out to your office to fix the problem. So, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can rest assured that Ricoh will act quickly to get your services working correctly again.

  • Note:Maintenance contract is required.
  • Note:Settings must be configured by the customer engineer.

image:Ricoh remote management service

Register your smart device by simply scanning in a QR code

To register a smart device to your RICOH e-Sharing Box, simply scan in the QR code displayed on the website. Each user registers independently, eliminating the need for time-consuming configuration and management operations.

  • Note:Up to 50 users can be registered.

image:Register your smart device by simply scanning in a QR code