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RICOH e-Sharing Box

Q:Is there a way to get more leverage from smart devices at work? A:The document you are viewing remotely on your smart device can also be printed remotely on your office MFP. And, whenever you have a meeting, you can use your smart device to photograph your handwritten notes and upload the image, so the information is shared with your team instantly.

Photo uploads

Using your smart device, you can photograph a document wherever you happen to be working, and then upload it to a specified directory using DocsConnect. You can also upload other files created using apps on your smart device.

  • Note:Video files cannot be uploaded from smart devices.

image:Photo uploads

Easy remote printing from smart devices

When you view a document stored in RICOH e-Sharing Box with the DocsConnect app, you can also print it directly from the office MFP. You can do this over a Wi-Fi network, and our cloud service also lets you print remotely over a mobile network such as 3G.

image:Easy remote printing from smart devices