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RICOH e-Sharing Box

Q:Is there a simpler way to digitize paper documents and handle the digital files? A:Using your office MFP’s operation panel, you can specify the name of a file saved, and print it directly without using your PC.

Specify destination folder and filename*

When you’re digitizing a paper document, you can use the MFP’s operation panel to specify the destination folder and file name*. If you have already registered a list of words on the MFP, you specify the file name* by selecting one of those words and combining it with a date, for example. No need for a PC to name files.

image:Specify destination folder and filename

  • *Filename specification is only possible on models featuring the Smart Operation Panel.
  • Note:This screen only appears in the case of models featuring the Smart Operation Panel.

Digitized files can be converted to specific formats

By simply dragging-and-dropping a file to a pre-specified folder, you can convert the file to a format such as Searchable PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If your MFP has a Smart Operation Panel, when you scan paper documents, you can use the operation panel to specify your preferred format.

image:Digitized files can be converted to specific formats

Files can be printed directly, without a PC

Files saved in your RICOH e-Sharing Box can be specified and printed directly from the MFP’s operation panel. The content of a file can be viewed using the preview function.

image:Files can be printed directly, without a PC

  • Note:This function is only available on models featuring the Smart Operation Panel.

Find the right file easily*

If your RICOH e-Sharing Box contains a lot of files, you may not be able to find the right file at first glance. Just type a keyword into the folder name field, and the relevant files will be displayed automatically.

image:Find the right file easily

*This function cannot be used from a device running Mac OS.

  • Note:In order to scan or print a file from the MFP’s operation panel using the DocsConnect app, either the Smart Operation Panel or the Browser Unit needs to be installed on the MFP.