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RICOH e-Sharing Box

Q:What if I’m away from the office and I suddenly need a document I haven’t brought with me? A:Once you’ve saved a file in your RICOH e-Sharing Box, you can access it remotely.

Access your work files at any time, anywhere

Files saved in your RICOH e-Sharing Box can be accessed remotely on your smart device via RICOH Cloud Relay Service CX.

View documents easily on your smart device, using Ricoh’s special app


DocsConnect is a smart device app that lets you view PowerPoint and Word documents and other files. You can even use it to play videos*, making your presentations even more impactful.

*Not all video file formats are supported.

image:View documents easily on your smart device, using Ricoh’s special app

Files are automatically converted for easy viewing on your smart device

When you view a file remotely from your smart device, the file is converted to a suitable format. This means that even PowerPoint and Excel documents display correctly.

Note : Before viewing an Excel file, you need to configure the page in Excel.

Passcode lock function provided

You can set a passcode to be entered when the DocsConnect app is launched or resumed from Sleep mode. This means the files in your RICOH e-Sharing Box will remain secure even if your smart device is lost or stolen.

Files on existing file servers can also be viewed remotely

Using DocsConnect, you can view files saved on an existing file server or in another RICOH e-Sharing Box.

Note:When DocsConnect is used to view files saved on another shared file server or RICOH e-Sharing Box, downloads may be slower.