Bundled software

Bundled software you need to get maximum performance from your CD-RW drive is provided with the MP7200A.

PrimoCD TM Plus - CD mastering software.

The features of Prassi PrimoCD Plus meets both the advanced user's demands and the first time user's needs. PrimoCD Plus creates CD-DA (Audio CD) directly from MP3 files. PrimoCD Plus supports Windows MDI(Multi Document Interface).

  • *Easy to create original CDs with PrimoStarter TM interface
  • *Major CD writing formats supported : CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-DA(audioCD), CD Extra, Mixed-ModeCD, VideoCD, CD TEXT
  • *Major writing modes supported: Disc at once, Session at once, Track at once, Multi-session format supported
  • *Multi Drive Support- Manage more than one CD-RW drive simultaneousely

abCD TM - Drag and Drop UDF packet writing software

Prassi abCD TM allows you drag-and-drop drive letter access. It's simple and stable. Prassi abCD TM allows you to write files directly to your CD-RW media within the Windows environment. You can store your data to the CD-RW as easily as if it were a floppy or hard drive.

  • *"Drag-and-drop" - Easy to use
  • *Windows 95, 98 and Me support - Access the customer Microsoft Windows installed base
  • *Windows 98, 2000 and Me Read support - You don't need special reader driver to read a disc written by abCD TM
  • *Multiple Drive Support - Manages more than one CD-RW drive simultaneously

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