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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct(Harmony with Society)

15. Harmonizing with society

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group seeks to coexist harmoniously with society, and its business will be managed so as to contribute to the regions within which it operates, while working to deepen mutual understanding and build relationships of trust.


(1) Respect the world's cultures and customs.

There are many things that, although they may be perfectly acceptable in one country or region, are quite unacceptable in another. Officers and Employees must therefore act with the necessary respect for the history, culture and customs of the various nations and regions within which they operate.

(2) Actively disclose information.

Accurately publicizing the Ricoh Group's corporate attitudes is the first prerequisite for deeper mutual understanding between the group and society. In order to ensure that as many people as possible have a proper understanding of the Ricoh Group, Officers and Employees must follow the normal procedures and actively provide fair and timely information.

(3) Keep accurate records and make accurate reports.

Officers and Employees must keep accounting and financial records in compliance with the relevant laws and company regulations. Again, such records must be prepared so that their content is complete, fair, accurate, timely and readily understandable.