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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Respect for People)

13. Respect for human rights

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group seeks always to respect fundamental human rights on the basis of mutual understanding.
The Ricoh Group does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious faith, gender, social position, citizenship, sickness, handicaps, etc.


(1) Eliminate all discrimination.

Officers and Employees must respect all fundamental human rights, and must not engage in any actions that ignore human rights such as discriminatory language, violence, sexual harassment, power harassment, etc.

(2) Protect personal privacy

When Officers and Employees acquire personal information in the performance of their duties, they must take full care in their handling of this information to protect the privacy of those concerned, and must exercise the proper management control over it.

(3) Do away with improper labor practices.

Officers and Employees must not make improper demands for labor.
Again, they must not employ children under the legal working age of the country or region concerned. Officers and Employees must also impose these same conditions on the Ricoh Group's sales outlets and cooperating companies.

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