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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Harmony with the Environment)

12. Respecting the global environment

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group is not only aware that environmental preservation is the solemn duty of every citizen of the world, but also aligns corporate activities with environmental preservation, taking responsibility for ensuring that the entire group participates.


(1) Set higher targets for environmental activities and achieve them.

Officers and Employees will not only be in full compliance with all laws, but will take personal responsibility for establishing high targets that reflect social expectations , and seek to create economic value in achieving these targets.

(2) Develop innovative environmental technologies.

Officers and Employees will encourage the development of innovative environmental technologies that create customer value and can be utilized widely in society.

(3) Keep making continuous improvement.

Officers and Employees, in business operations, will be aware of their environmental impact of their activities, and will seek continuous improvement to prevent pollution, and to ensure the effective use of energy and other resources.

(4) Provide products and services that reflect environmental concerns.

Officers and Employees will make every effort to reduce environmental impact at all stages of the product cycle, from procurement of materials, through production, sales, distribution, recycling and disposal.

(5) Promote responsible environmental preservation while enhancing awareness.

Officers and Employees will remain aware of the wider society around them, and work actively through education and other means to personally shoulder their responsibility and work toward environmental preservation.

(6) Contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Officers and Employees will contribute to achieve sustainable society by participating or supporting environmental preservation activities.

(7) Gain the trust of society through communication

Officers and Employees will develop environmental preservation activities, cooperating with stakeholders and gain the trust of society through active communication

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