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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

10. Individual actions against the interests of the company

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group does not approve any actions by its officers or employees that would cause, or might threaten to cause, any disadvantage to the Ricoh Group in the performance of its normal business activities.


(1) Inform the Company.

Officers and Employees shall not take any actions that would conflict with the interests of the company, or that might lead to such a conflict of interest. When such a situation arises, the Officers and Employees shall immediately inform their superior of the fact.

(2) Obtain Prior Company Approval.

Officers and Employees must obtain prior company permission before accepting appointment as officers of other companies or organizations, and before entering into employment contacts.

(3) No Competition without Permission.

Officers and Employees shall not, without first obtaining company permission, engage in any personal activities that would constitute competition with the Ricoh Group, nor shall they accept appointment in the management of a competitive company.

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