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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

9. Participation in anti-social actions

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group takes a firm attitude to anti-social activities and elements and will have nothing to do with them.


(1) Have no dealings with anti-social activities and elements.

Officers and Employees must have absolutely nothing to do with anti-social activities and elements that pose threats to the safety and good order of society and the lives of its citizens.

(2) Do not compromise in the face of extortion from anti-social elements.

Officers and Employees, if presented with extortion demands by anti-social elements, shall not compromise with them by paying money or in any other way. Officers and Employees shall immediately report such demands to their superior and the superior must contact the general administration of own company.

(3) Have no dealings with anti-social elements.

Officers and Employees must no have any dealings with anti-social elements.