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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

8. Protection and use of intellectual properties

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group will encourage activities that create intellectual properties of value to the Ricoh Group and will seek to protect and utilize them appropriately.


(1) Rapid Notification

Intellectual properties created at work all belong to the company.
Officers and Employees shall notify the company immediately of all intellectual properties created at work (with patents, this includes free patents).

(2) Respect the rights of outside parties.

Officers and Employees shall respect the rights of outside parties and ensure that, as they perform their duties, such rights are not infringed.

(3) Follow procedures for their disclosure and provision.

Officers and Employees, when announcing intellectual properties to academic conferences or disclosing and licensing intellectual properties to outside parties when implementing a new business model, shall follow both Ricoh Group policy and standard procedures before doing so.

  • *The intellectual properties referred to here are patents, utility models, designs, registered trademarks, copyrights on programs, rights to use specific circuit configurations, etc.