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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

7. Strict control of exports and imports

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group shall not infringe laws intended to preserve international peace and safety, including those on foreign exchange transactions, those on overseas trading and export-related laws such as tariff-related laws for appropriate export and import procedures, and those on the countries with which to trade.


(1) Applicability assessment for trading goods and technologies

Officers and Employees shall follow the internal procedures in accordance with company regulations, carefully judging beforehand whether any restrictions apply to the import or export of goods (products, components, equipment, materials) or related technologies.

(2) Customer and trading assessment (Assessing the necessity of import/export permit)

Officers and Employees, when importing or exporting goods or related technologies, shall confirm beforehand in the light of applicability assessment of restrictions, customer assessment or country assessment, whether such export or import would infringe the relevant laws and regulations or require a permit. When restrictions are found to be applicable, appropriate import/export procedures shall be followed.

(3) Export restrictions for non-proliferation

When importing or exporting goods or related technologies, whether or not restrictions are found to be applicable, Officers and Employees shall voluntarily apply controls in the spirit of export restrictions for non-proliferation.
When there is concern that goods or related technologies may be converted for military use, Officers and Employees shall ascertain the ultimate user and the ultimate purpose for which the goods or technologies will be used and shall submit to the ruling of the Ricoh Group Export Import Control Committee as to whether or not the transaction should proceed.

  •  Related Standards:
  • Ricoh Group International Trade Regulation (RGS-ATRA0003)
  • Ricoh Group Rules on Compliance with Export & Import Related Legislation (RGS-ATRA5001)
  • Country of Origin Management (RGS-ATRC0004)
  • Management Standard for Export-controlled Products and Products Procured Overseas (RGS-ATRC0005)