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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

4. Managing corporate secrets

Basic Policy

Information that the Ricoh Group has acquired or created in the course of business must, depending on its importance, be treated as a corporate secret and managed with all proper care. Again, the information from third parties (including customers, client companies, subordinate companies) that the Ricoh Group has collected or that has been entrusted by third parties must be similarly managed as corporate secrets.


(1) Obey management rules.

Officers and Employees, when they have received information, materials, or documents in the course of business, should notify their supervisor, and manage them in accordance with the applicable rules of the company concerned. Again, they must continue to obey these rules even after their employment has terminated.

(2) Only those authorized should reveal confidential information.

Officers and Employees, when they are requested to answer questions or to provide materials, whether by someone inside or outside the company, unless they clearly have the required authority to reply to the question or to provide the materials, they should refer the request to a superior for instructions.

(3) No private use shall be made of such information.

Officers and Employees shall only use corporate secrets in the course of the company's business, and neither during their employment nor after it has terminated, shall they make any use of it for themselves or for others.

(4) No acquisition of information by dishonest means.

Officers and Employees shall not acquire information from third parties by dishonest means.

(5) No use of information other than for specified purpose and conditions.

When Officers and Employees acquire information from third parties in accordance with a contract, they must use it exclusively for the purpose and conditions of that contract.

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