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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Integrity in Corporate Activities)

2. Free competition and fair trading

Basic Policy

The Ricoh Group will remain in strict compliance with the laws and regulations governing the banning of monopolies, fair competition, and fair trading, and will take no action seeking to evade them.


(1) We will enter no agreements or discussions for the reciprocal limitation of corporate activities.

Officers and Employees will not participate in discussions or agreements with competitors in the same industry to impose reciprocal limits on corporate freedom of action in connection with the conditions of competitive bids, product pricing, conditions of sale, profits, market share, sales areas, etc.

(2) We will not exploit our trading position.

Officers and Employees will not exploit our trading position to impose unprofitable transactions upon our trading partners, not will we impose limitations on trading between our trading partners and third parties.

(3) We will not make inappropriate displays not offer inappropriately large premiums or prizes.

Officers and Employees shall not provide displays nor offer inappropriately large premiums or prizes that might lead customers to a mistaken choice of product.

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  • "Manual for Compliance with Antimonopoly Law"
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