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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (Introduction)



The Ricoh Group Code of Conduct (abbrev. to "the Code" below) is intended to establish the basic standards to ensure that Officers and Employees of the company, when engaging in corporate activities to advance the Ricoh Group, shall act in accordance with social ethics and in full compliance with the law and in-company regulations.

■ Framework of Corporate Activities

image:Framework of Corporate Activities


The definitions of the terms used in this Code are as follows:

"Ricoh" refers to Ricoh Company, Ltd.
"Ricoh Group" refers to Ricoh and consolidated Group Companies.
"Ricoh Group Companies" refers to individual companies in the Ricoh Group.
"Officers and Employees" refers to directors, auditors, executive officers, board members, all those coming under the regulations governing employment and all others employed in any capacity (whether in part time or temporary employment).

  • * Administration of the Code is defined by Ricoh Group Code of Conduct:administration (RGS-ASRG0001)

Basic attitudes to be adopted by Officers and Employees

It is important that all Officers and Employees, as individuals, citizens, and business persons, shall understand the following basic concepts and seek to implement them in their daily activities.

Activities shall always be based on national and regional laws, properly understand, and strictly obeyed.
Activities shall be those that can be performed with a clear conscience as good citizens, aware of their social responsibilities, and maintaining high ethical and moral standards.
As business persons, they must act in a disciplined way, while at the same time respecting the individual differences and value systems of others, observing all basic rules and regulations established by the Ricoh Group, never confusing public and private interests, and acting with a full sense of their responsibility as representatives of the Ricoh Group.
Realizing that all corporate activities, not only those that involve direct contact with the customer such as sales and maintenance, are evaluated by our customers, every effort must be made to ensure the maximum possible customer satisfaction.
In order to stay keenly aware of the various changes and problems we face, we must act autonomously. Always seeking to maintain the creativity to freely generate a full range of ideas, we must think independently and create new values.
We must always put ourselves in the other person's place, whether they are fellow employees, customers, those with whom we do business, or cooperating companies, and make ourselves useful to them.
We must make every effort to ensure that the progress of the company is fully consistent with the personal happiness of its people, seeking to bring about a richly satisfying life for all.

The basic attitude of the Ricoh Group to its employees

The Ricoh Group is committed, as follows, to ensuring that all employees maintain the required basic attitudes in all their activities, making the fullest use of their abilities, and so making the best of themselves:

For all individual employees, the Ricoh Group seeks to create and provide a work place that caters for their broadest possible self-actualization, desiring their growth as human beings not only in work but also in making the best of themselves.
For all individual employees, it seeks to create a free and generous corporate ethos in which they can feel that they are worthy, growing and fulfilled, and giving free reign to their creativity.
The specialized abilities of all individual employees are prized by the Ricoh Group, which seeks to make the fullest use of them while at the same time providing a systematic support structure that encourages them to hone existing skills and develop new ones.
A fair and impartial system of evaluating the degree to which all individual employees use their skills is a source of vitality within the group.
All individual employees' success in meeting their targets are to be assessed fairly by clearly established standards when evaluating their abilities and contributions, and they are to be recognized accordingly.
Concern for the safety and health of all individual employees is to be reflected in a pleasant and functional working environment and equipment. And in order that employees may enjoy a wide variety of lifestyles, the Ricoh Group will provide a variety of working conditions, terms of employment, and working hours, etc.