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Chapter 2. Overview of the Save the Memory Project

(5)Packaging and Return of Photos

Photos that had been uploaded to the database were then packaged in cardboard boxes and returned to the disaster sites.

Each photo was stored in a re-sealable plastic bag together with a printout on which a control number was recorded. The bagged photos were then arranged in numerical order and stored in appropriately sized cardboard boxes. Photos that had been in an album were inserted into a new pocket photo album and then stored in a plastic bag. An index was posted on the outside of each cardboard box to indicate what series of photo control numbers is contained in each box. The boxes were then compartmentalized in units that make it easier to search for the original photos at a later time, and the boxes of photos were also divided into groups based on where the photos were found so that they can be identified.

The photos were returned either using a staff rental car or an ordinary package delivery service.

ID numbers are printed on labels and packed together with photos

Photos are packed in carton box ready to be shipped