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The RICOH Way and Human Resources Management

In our rapidly changing, intensely competitive environment, we need responsive and adaptable human resource (HR) management that helps create new value by cultivating talented people who can make smart and timely decisions from a global perspective, and by conducting strategic cross-border staff allocations. Fostering the true potential of all employees is an investment in our business and the aim of the Ricoh Group’s HR management, together with advancing our business in ways that benefit both society and the planet.
When employees—key corporate assets—can fully demonstrate their capabilities and contribute to maximum corporate value, the development of society and the happiness of individuals align. To accomplish this requires an HR management system that goes beyond traditional paradigms and mirrors the evolution of society and the world of work.
At the Ricoh Group, we encourage our global workforce of approximately 110,000 employees to share the values of “The RICOH Way,” the core of our corporate philosophy. Common understanding and practice of The RICOH Way is how we are able to deliver consistent value to customers in whatever country or region they are located. In addition, we actively promote a good work–life balance and have been successful in maintaining the right equilibrium because we respect diversity, which allows employees with different backgrounds and ideas to show their personality and capabilities, and we strive to make careers highly compatible with individual lifestyles. We also seek to create safe and healthy places for our people to work.

Global Human Resources Management

Through M&A and other strategic consolidations, the Ricoh Group now employs approximately 110,000 people. The accelerating pace of changes in global management and business environments requires a human resource management response with a global perspective. Therefore, within the Ricoh Group, each and every employee around the world is given the opportunity to thrive, and personnel policies are in place on a global scale to enable employees with the requisite skills and motivation to achieve individual success.
In October 2011, we finalized the Ricoh Group Human Resources Management Policy. Priorities are: 1) wide dissemination of The RICOH Way; 2) training for top global talent; 3) global mobility; 4) identification of top talent throughout the world; and 5) a global system of personnel management. In line with this policy, we aim first to put the right people in the right place, wherever in the world that may be, as quickly as possible so that these people, particularly top talent, can fully demonstrate their skills. Toward this end, are working to establish a global evaluation standard and build a human resources database. Also, to facilitate smooth personnel rotation across national and regional borders, we are currently formulating global assignment procedures. Going forward, the headquarters and personnel departments at each Group company will coordinate efforts more closely to clarify delegation of authority and institute a global personnel structure, which will reinforce human resource management.

Bringing a “global mobility” perspective from overseas points into Japan

Focusing priorities to add value for the overseas business

image:Steven Burger

Steven Burger
General Manager,
International Business
Business Solutions Group
joined the head office in January 2013, from Ricoh Americas Corporation

Before coming to Japan, I managed technology marketing at Ricoh Americas Corporation, our focus was to leverage Ricoh technology to optimize customers’ business workflow and solve their business problems. Ricoh offered me the opportunity to come to Japan to support the International Business for operations in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas. A lot of my work in Japan is about communicating regional requirements into the development teams, accelerating the time to market, and helping our senior management teams better understand these regional requirements.
In Japan, I have been able to break through many of the typical barriers in RCL and get quicker decision making. I’ve found that headquarters has long been willing to support the overseas business, but hasn’t always been able to focus its efforts on the requirements needed. Being in Japan, working alongside the development teams, my team can help everyone focus their priorities. By understanding regional needs we’re changing the way we launch new technologies, by doing it globally. My motto is, “Always add value every day.” I emphasize to my team that we in Japan must do our best to add value for our customers.
What I find great about Ricoh is its people, the global climate, and our innovative technologies. It’s great to work for an industry leader, knowing that the competition is always in our rear view mirror.

Leveraging headquarters’ willingness to understand customers and improve

image:Edward Hamilton

Edward Hamilton
General Manager,
Ricoh Global Services,
Business Solutions Group
Joined the head office in September 2013,
from Ricoh Europe PLC

I continue to be excited about my role at Ricoh headquarters because it gives me a great opportunity to work with a hugely diverse set of global stakeholders within Ricoh, our customers and our partners to redefine the strategy for our global accounts business and to use the voice of the customer to inform and shape everything that we do.
In support of this, we are seeing a shift towards a truly global view of Talent Management which I believe will have a very positive impact across the Group both in terms of employee engagement and development and in the execution of our business strategy. Over time, I believe we need to find the right balance between opportunities for functional and geographic rotation while also building the depth of expertise that is required in a services-led company.
Looking at my team based in Tokyo, it is great to see a diverse and passionate group of employees. What’s impressed me most about working here is the overriding focus on the voice of our customers, putting this at the heart of our strategic development and business planning process. After 2 years based in Tokyo, I can reflect on the relationships I have built with my colleagues here, the adventures that my family and I have had in Japan and also how much there is left to see and do in my remaining time here.

Wide Dissemination of The RICOH Way

Wide Dissemination of The RICOH Way: Revision of The RICOH Way

In 2011, we formulated The RICOH Way, which has been introduced to, and implemented by, all Ricoh Group companies around the world. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that the roughly 110,000 employees of the Group have a shared commitment to the corporate mission, vision, and values of Ricoh and conduct their day-to-day operations and decision-making accordingly.
In 2015, we revised the RICOH Way in order to bring the Ricoh Group even closer together as One Global Ricoh and to clearly express our commitment to actively contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.
Going forward, we at the Ricoh Group will collectively implement The RICOH Way in everything we do so as to ensure the growth and development of the Group for many years to come.

Wide Dissemination of The RICOH Way: Activities to disseminate our common values

When announcing the Ricoh Group’s management policy for 2015, President & CEO Miura clearly declared that the Group will continue to make efforts to fulfill its commitment to increasing its corporate value based on The RICOH Way. This CEO declaration has been echoed by subsequent speeches and remarks made by others including corporate executive vice presidents and business unit leaders on various occasions, communicating what constitutes the implementation of The RICOH Way. Outside Japan, executive officers of the Group also communicate with local employees regularly to facilitate greater understanding and implementation of these groupwide common values.
In addition to such activities by management, employees actively explore how to best implement The RICOH Way in their organizations and regions and incorporate their findings in their day-to-day tasks.

The RICOH Way spreads around the world

Sharing a set of values, forming the cornerstone of business activities

img:The RICOH Way disseminated to all RAC employees
The RICOH Way disseminated to all RAC employees

Ricoh Americas Corporation (RAC) has expanded the scope of its services and solutions business, while pursuing M&As, restructuring its dealer office network, and growing into a company epitomizing diversity in its people and its set of values.
Martin Brodigan, chairman and CEO of RAC, has been personally involved from a leadership perspective in efforts to firmly instill the principles of The RICOH Way to share synergies and demonstrate the company’s full potential. Specifically, he was behind the creation of a system that reflects the ideas of The RICOH Way in information distributed through in-house portals and in personnel and performance evaluations. He pushed for the development of grassroots leaders. Its concept was broken down into four components—1) Customer First, 2) Business Integrity, 3) Diversity and Social Responsibility, and 4) Employee Engagement—with easy-to-understand definitions. Efforts to evaluate each other on the extent to which The RICOH Way has been put into practice and the results are reflected in the awards system. This approach helps change perceptions in a positive direction and boost motivation.
When employees with diverse backgrounds share a set of values common to all Ricoh Group employees, they learn to understand each other and respect each other. They build bonds of trust, and this forms the cornerstone of better corporate activity all around.

The RICOH Way supports the characteristic Ricoh-style of manufacturing

img:REI employees with “The RICOH Way Production System” in hand
REI employees with “The RICOH Way Production System” in hand

Similarly, Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (REI) in the United States, is a key production site for MFPs, printers and consumable supplies. REI launched an activity that would help each and every employee gain a fuller understanding of The RICOH Way from a manufacturing perspective. The company created “The RICOH Way Production System” to make knowledge, technology and techniques specific to a production site somehow tangible and easier to convey to employees on site.
“The RICOH Way Production System” is already being rolled out to Group production sites around the world, where it is cementing a stronger commitment to the Ricoh-style of manufacturing. As each and every employee recognizes the significance of The RICOH Way and puts the concept into practice on a daily basis, they reinforce the foundation of the Group as One Global Company.

Other locations also promoting unique activities

img:Ricoh Latin America, Inc., initiated a program coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil to elicit greater awareness of The RICOH Way.

Ricoh Latin America, Inc., initiated a program coinciding with the World Cup in Brazil to elicit greater awareness of The RICOH Way.

img:Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd. and Ricoh Asia Pacific Operations Limited utilized a poster program and an original honeybee character to build awareness in-house.

Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd. and Ricoh Asia Pacific Operations Limited utilized a poster program and an original honeybee character to build awareness in-house.

Wide Dissemination of The RICOH Way: The RICOH Way Recognition Program

The Ricoh Group has upgraded The Minori Award, its existing employee recognition program, to create The RICOH Way Recognition Program.
This recognition program consists of three award programs: The RICOH Way Award, The Star Supporter Award, and The Giving Back Award. Award winners are selected based on their implementation of The RICOH Way and the resulting creation and delivery of new value to our stakeholders.
The purpose of this program is to encourage employees of the Group to create and nurture a culture of positive feedback by recognizing and rewarding cases where Group employees have successfully created new value by implementing The RICOH Way. The program also aims to allow Group companies to learn more about how to implement The RICOH Way by sharing success stories and implementation experiences within the Group.

Wide Dissemination of The RICOH Way: The RICOH Way Recognition Program

Communication with employees

Ricoh global employee survey

We aspire to build the Ricoh Group into a truly global organization—One Global Company—with a framework built upon a common foundation, The RICOH Way. In line with these groupwide guiding principles, we also aim to create a workplace where each and every employee can demonstrate the fullest extent of his or her capabilities and work proactively and enthusiastically at assigned tasks. To these ends, we regularly implement employee surveys to gain a better understanding of what our employees think and have to say and to promote more desirable reforms from the perspective of the RICOH Way. In fiscal 2014, we conducted a global employee survey at 69 companies within the Ricoh Group, including 20 companies in Japan and 49 companies overseas, and garnered responses from about 90% of the nearly 85,000 people surveyed. The survey results, which were announced via our intranet and in-house publication, are being used to develop and implement action plans for improvement at various levels (e.g., at groupwide, company, and business unit levels). The survey revealed that only a small percentage of employees surveyed, whether in or outside Japan, feel that their excellent job performance is duly recognized. To address this newly identified issue, a dedicated team was launched to discuss measures to be taken worldwide. As a result, a new program will be launched to create and nurture a culture of mutual recognition.

Employee Council

image:Employee Council

Ricoh Employee Council meetings are manifestations of our belief that employees are collaborators in the growth of our business. The Council’s central meetings serve as a forum for communication between senior executives and employees, with top management sharing information concerning the current state of the company and their management policies with representatives from all offices.
The information is subsequently conveyed to all employees through workplace meetings as well as through the Council’s newsletters. In addition, issues requiring top management consultation, such as pay raises, bonus payments and the Company’s annual plans, are discussed in special committees by members of the central meeting, and the results are passed along to top management.
Other topics discussed in this dialogue include employees' ideas on establishing and reforming a system, workplace improvement, work style reform, which are communicated and discussed between divisions involved and senior management.