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RICOH's Education Support Program in India-Quality Education for All-


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  • Activity Report

    PhaseⅡCreating joyful classes for learning

    We will give progress reports of the program with related photos.

    March 2017: Achievement of the activities in Phase II

    Phase II of the digital learning material development project was conducted from October 2015 to March 2017 in Telangana State. Ricoh supported the development of Telugu- and English-language digital learning materials, as well as the use of the materials in classrooms. The two languages were chosen as the targets based on the needs and demands for these languages. For the Telugu language, which is the mother tongue of the students and thus must serve as the basis for other subjects, the learning outcome had not been satisfactory. Meanwhile, students and their parents have shown strong demand for English learning. With support from Ricoh India, our local sales company, the number of schools where projectors were donated and installed increased to 40 in two districts.

    As in the case for Phase I (April 2014 to September 2015), the project started with training sessions for teachers. After learning in a session with themes of “how to develop digital learning materials” and “interactive teaching methods to promote children’s class participation,” the teachers started developing teaching materials on their own. They then improved the materials by adding songs, narrations or subtitles to facilitate the children’s understanding. Including the materials created in Phase I of the program, teachers have created a total of more than 100 digital materials.

    The learning materials developed by teachers are used effectively to encourage interactive learning and, as seen in Phase I, have produced many very positive outcomes, including higher levels of learning among children, increased attendance, more children transferring from private schools, increased number of classes with higher participation of children, stronger motivation of teachers and more cooperation among teachers in wider areas. These results encouraged the Department of School Education of Telangana State to increase the number of schools to operate classrooms with ICT.

    As the cooperative project by Ricoh and Save the Children will end in March 2017, we have supported the government to develop a system to continue promoting classes with digital learning materials. Consequently, the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) incorporated the development of digital learning materials into its teacher-training program. Also, a “Digital Hub” computer room was established in the DIET building to share digital learning materials, so that teachers can visit and download them anytime they want.

    With our supporting activities to date, the government of Telangana has been leading its program and has installed Ricoh projectors at more schools. We will continue our contribution to improving the quality of education in the area through our businesses.

    image:Textbook in Telugu, a local language

    Textbook in Telugu, a local language

    image:Class using digital learning materials developed by the teacher

    Class using digital learning materials developed by the teacher

    image:In all schools, teachers enjoy teaching classes.

    In all schools, teachers enjoy teaching classes.

    image:Digital Hub, a computer room established in the DIET building

    Digital Hub, a computer room established in the DIET building

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