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RICOH's Education Support Program in India-Quality Education for All-


  • Education Support Program in India
  • Program Details
  • Activity Report
  • Situation Regarding Education in India
  • PhaseⅡCreating joyful classes for learning

    We will promote introduction of the projector and digital learning materials shown on the tool as an approach to delivering inspiring classroom lessons, which we believe is a key factor to raising education quality. Our program aims to create systems that ensure that each local government provides teacher training using programs we develop for introducing digital learning materials and related teaching methods, thereby helping schools continuously and independently work to improve education quality.

    * A part of the above activities is linked to the preparatory survey conducted by Ricoh and Save the Children Japan for the educational service business for BOP in India (selected by JICA as a project for the Preparatory Survey for BOP Business Promotion.)
    For more details, please see the related page

    Features of the Program

    The program aims to build a mechanism for local communities to execute an action cycle to improve the quality of education.

    • 1. Develop inspiring digital learning materials and teaching methods, and provide training to teachers to acquire skills in using them
    • 2. Create systems that enable teachers to use digital learning materials and tools independently
    • 3. Implement support activities aimed at continuous improvement of education quality through involving children, parents and governmental agencies in school efforts, with a focus on promoting the use of diverse learning materials and tools
    Cycle to Improve the Educational Environment through utilizing projectors.
    Cycle to Improve the Educational Environment through utilizing projectors.

    Targeted Area and Program Period


    Delhi, State of Andhra Pradesh, State of Bihar
    *Activities will be consolidated to one location from October 2015


    April 2014 to March 2017


    Specific Activity Plan

    Our activities aimed at improving school education by introducing a projector and digital learning materials will be conducted in the following five areas in cooperation with schools and local governmental agencies in the targeted areas.

    I. Provision of teacher training for enhanced education quality

    • 1)Develop effective digital learning materials and teaching methods
    • 2)Provide training on the developed materials and methods for teachers in response to local needs
    • 3)Create systems that help each local government continue with the provision of teacher training

    II. Involvement of children in education-improvement activities

    • 1)Increase understanding among children about the benefits of being involved in efforts to develop learning materials and improve school management.
    • 2)Enable students to share learning experiences using digital materials and tools
    Phases and the Goal of the Program

    KPI of the program

    as of March 2017

    KPI of the program

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