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CSR around the world <Japan> – 2009

Ricoh's volunteer service leave system
Feb. 1, 2009

Ricoh / Japan

  • At the Zimbabwe national volleyball camp (Kashiwagi is on the far left in the second row)
    At the Zimbabwe national volleyball camp
    (Kashiwagi is on the far left in the second row)
  • A practice session
    A practice session

"Using volunteer service leave for the development of Zimbabwe's volleyball culture"
I taught volleyball in Zimbabwe for 18 months from October 2006. I worked for a university and coached the university volleyball team, teams at nearby elementary, junior high and senior high schools, amateur clubs as well as the national team. One thing I always kept in mind was to let people feel the three joys of sport: the joy of playing, the joy of watching and the joy of teaching. These people had never been coached before, and they improved their skills every day. When I saw this, I felt the joy of teaching at a level I had never felt in Japan. I also trained local people to become coaches, not just athletes, in order to ensure that their skill was maintained. And even now, after returning to Japan, I look forward to watching the development of the athletes I trained. I believe that this will lead to mediumterm and long-term development and support for Zimbabwe's volleyball culture. I look forward to visiting Zimbabwe in a few years and playing volleyball on the unkept grounds using old balls with the athletes I trained. The local people who I met through this experience supported and inspired me to constantly stay positive and search for each others' strengths. This enabled me to act more proactively. I hope that I can create an environment that helps others to be positive, just like the local people there are. As a founding member of the Yokohama Beach Volleyball Federation, I now am using my experiences in Zimbabwe to serve as a bridge between the local community and top athletes.

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