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CSR around the world <Japan> – 2009

Customer-driven approach to digital cameras
Jan. 1, 2009

Ricoh / Global


Ever since the launch of its first model, the product concept of the GR DIGITAL series has remained unchanged: a "tool for expression." In our tireless quest for perfection in these cameras, we have improved and added new functions, while maintaining the familiar and comfortableto- use functions. Improvements made to create an even more pleasant photo-taking experience include the easier-to-press height and layout of the function buttons, and the introduction of an electronic level, which allows users to align the shot horizontally by checking the LCD display. In response to customer feedback, we started to offer a firmware upgrade service so that existing owners can enjoy expanded functions even after purchase. In promoting this kind of customer-centric product development, we actively listen to visitors at product exhibitions*1 and the examiners at the design award competition*2. Incorporating customers' and other comments into our product design and improvement, we will continuously strive to create truly user-friendly products.

  • * 1Exhibitions participated in:
    . kansei-Japan Design Exhibition-
    (Held in France by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Japan External Trade Organization)
    . JAPAN DESIGN 2008-Innovation-
    (Held in Italy by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization [JIDPO])
  • * 2Design award competitions joined:
    . Good Design Awards
    (Japan's largest design evaluation program by JIDPO)
    . iF Product Design Award
    (A globally renowned design award by the International Design Forum Hanover);

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