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CSR around the world <Japan> – 2008

Ricoh (Japan) helps female employees achieve their goals and develop their careers.
Apr. 1, 2008

Ricoh / Japan

  • Self-Esteem Concept Chart
    Self-Esteem Concept Chart

  • Hosting the first forum

Career Support Program

We introduced a career support program to help mid-career female employees become more ambitious in their careers and gain the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

<Program overview>

Encouraging female employees' career ambitions:
This program aims to nurture self-esteem amongst female employees and motivate them to go beyond their current work responsibilities and develop their careers by taking on managerial roles that make use of their leadership skills or taking on more challenges that create higher added value.
Helping female employees hone their skills:
The program is structured so that female employees can hone their conceptual skills (problem-finding, problem-solving, decision-making, strategy-devising and conceptualizing skills) and human skills (skills in influencing people, coordinating and negotiating) necessary for middle management.

Diversity Forum

As part of our efforts to embrace diversity, we established a new space where female employees can share information amongst Group companies and learn from each other.

<Hosting the first forum>

We hosted the First Diversity Promotion Forum in November 2008 on the topic of "Promoting the Active Involvement of Women." Group employees in the Tokyo region in charge of promoting diversity were invited, and 113 employees from 10 companies participated.
At the forum, we introduced actual cases in a panel discussion, held group discussions regarding the cases and shared information on each company's situation and agenda. Some 96% of participants said they were satisfied with the forum, or that the forum helped. Taking these results into consideration, we plan to regularly hold meetings between Group companies for information sharing and awareness raising.

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