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CSR around the world <Japan> – 2008

Creating a showroom incorporating CUD
Mar. 1, 2008

Ricoh Head Office in Ginza, Tokyo / Japan

  • CUDMS certificate
    CUDMS certificate

In September 2008, our new showroom, the Printing Innovation Center (PIC), opened on the second floor of Ricoh Head Office in Ginza, Tokyo. In designing the showroom, we paid careful attention to CUD because of its crucial importance in places like showrooms where a wide range of people come and visit. This was made possible by sharing our commitment with vendors for interior design, construction, and video content production.
When preparing the new showroom, we learned the creation of a certification program for CUDMS. We then started to prepare for CUDMS certification as an extension of our regular CUD activities. As a result, in August 2008, the showroom became Japan's first business entity to receive certification. This achievement had wide media coverage, leading to increased awareness of color universal design within and outside of the Group. Moving forward, we believe that the partner companies that contributed to the showroom's completion and shared our commitment will help promote CUD in society. Following CUDMS certification of the showroom, the Ricoh Head Office's entrance hall, which opened concurrently with the PIC, received the second CUDMS certification in Japan. The "Ring Cube" photo gallery in the San-ai Dream Center in Ginza, Tokyo received the third CUDMS certification in Japan in November 2008. Using remodeling and other occasions, we at the Ricoh Group will continue to adopt CUD principles in a greater number of our facilities to ensure our workplaces are keenly conscious of color vision diversity.

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