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CSR around the world <Global> – 2009

Intelligent Remote Management System Service supporting improvements in the office
Aug. 1, 2009

Ricoh Group/Global


To ensure that customers can use Ricoh devices on the network comfortably and with a sense of security, the Ricoh Group offers worldwide the @Remote (At Remote) service, which manages network devices over the Internet. These services help reduce the day-to-day burden on customers and minimize downtime in the event of problems. For example, the status of devices on the network can be monitored remotely to prevent breakdowns. Toner can be monitored so that new toner is ordered before existing supplies run out. In addition, the service reports detailed device-usage information-such as the use of aggregate printing and double-sided printing, print volume, and energy consumption-enabling users to keep accurate track of equipment use and optimize their office equipment. By reducing paper and energy consumption, offices can reduce their environmental impact and total costs.
In addition, the Ricoh Group uses results from these equipment management services to develop new products and new maintenance methods and continuously improve customers' office environments in a bid to further boost customer satisfaction.

Launched environment report using information obtained through @Remote
Ricoh takes data obtained from the @Remote service-such as energy consumption volume, paper use, paper reduction from double-sided printing based on information obtained when equipment was in use or when printouts were made-and converts the data into CO2 emission volume released from copiers and printers. We then create easy-to-follow reports on these results in order to support our customers' PDCA cycles aimed at reducing their impact on the environment. In 2009, we plan to offer similar services outside of Japan as well.

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