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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2014

Ricoh and JINC; Raising the Next Generation!

Ricoh Europe/Netherlans

Ricoh and JINC; Raising the Next Generation!

In line with our Global Social Policy and its priority area of "Raising the Next Generation", Ricoh in the Netherlands has formed a partnership with JINC, Jongeren (Youth) Incorporated. JINC helps disadvantaged young people improve their chances of entering the job market and develops various projects to help young people become acquainted with business through work experience, skills development and workshops on entrepreneurship.

During the Flash Internship, students visit Ricoh for half a day and experience various job roles, perhaps jobs they have never heard about. It is designed to give students an insight into different professions, so they can make better decisions about their further education.

This initiative is embraced by all Ricoh entities in the Netherlands, namely Ricoh Europe, Ricoh International, Ricoh Supply Chain and Ricoh Netherlands, who participate together, emphasising that teamwork is one of Ricoh's characteristics.

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