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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2013

Ricoh Switzerland says “YES” to YES.
Jul. 30, 2013

Ricoh Switzerland/Swiss

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Ricoh Switzerland supports YES (Young Enterprise Switzerland), a NPO that develops economic education programs for students to connect the economy with school. (Yes gives young people an insight into the functionality of the economy and provides them with practical experiences.) Employees of Ricoh Switzerland visited schools and provided “Our community” lessons to children aged 9 and 10, “Fit for the economy” to children aged 14-16. Ricoh Switzerland started this program in March 2010 and completed 40 projects across Switzerland by the end of 2012. In March 2012, Ricoh Switzerland invited YES students from all over Europe to its headquarters in Zürich-Wallisellen when YES’s European “Management meets Future Generation” fair was held. in Students exchanged their experiences with the Management board.

Ricoh Switzerland is proud to continuously support YES in 2013 and is looking forward to developing this interesting cooperation further.


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