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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2012

Future Day 2012 at Ricoh Germany
Jun. 5, 2012

Ricoh Germany/Germany

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In Germany more than 40 students from different schools visited Ricoh Germany headquarters in Hannover and several Business & Service Centres on 26th April 2012 during the "Future Day for Girls and Boys". The children and teenagers aged 10 to 17 could gain insight into the everyday working life of various departments at Ricoh Germany and they learned a lot about apprenticeships offered by Ricoh.
The "Future Day for Girls and Boys" is an annual event and takes place at the same time as the nationwide Girls' Day. This day was a part of the career orientation curriculum at those schools and was prepared in the classes 5 to 10.

"The visitors of the Future Day were very interested in Ricoh and asked many questions on the day. Our goal was to get the girls and boys excited about technical as well as IT professions: Ricoh offered several apprenticeship opportunities in these fields", said Simone Schrader, Human Resources Manager of Ricoh Germany.

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