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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2011

Ricoh France supports diversity at workplace
Nov. 1, 2011

Ricoh France

  • Ricoh France

Two years ago Ricoh France signed a Diversity Charter, an initiative by the French government to promote diversity in French companies. Ricoh France decided to implement a number of projects aiming at:
・increasing the number of employees with disabilities,
・ helping people with disabilities develop employability skills,
・raising awareness of people with disabilities among Ricoh France managers to learn how to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace.

In 2011, Ricoh established a partnership with INFA (Institut National de Formation), a training centre, to provide products and services as well as train some of the INFA trainers on how to use Ricoh technology. In cooperation with INFA, Ricoh offers six-month apprenticeship programmes to eight people with disabilities which started in December. The apprentices spend one week at INFA training centre and three weeks at Ricoh’s various departments, e.g. two people work in the Business Excellence department where they learn how to digitise customers requests/complaints and register them in the Ricoh request IT system. They also learn how to use Ricoh products and solutions, which demonstrates how our product are designed for people with disabilities.

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