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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2011

Supporting UN International Volunteer Day 2010
Apr. 8, 2011

Ricoh Europe / U.K

Let's Get Cooking project

In support of the UN International Volunteer Day 2010, a Ricoh Team consisting of 20 volunteers had the opportunity to help the Southfields Community College in London educate and raise awareness of healthy eating among pupils through healthy eating games and cooking sessions by participating in a Let's Get Cooking project.

Let's Get Cooking is a project focused on the establishment of a national network of 5,000 after-school based cooking clubs in England. Its objectives are to teach over 1 million children new cooking skills, with the aims that these skills will be replicated at home with their families and within their communities, thereby increasing people's intake of nutritionally good food.

Southfields Community College is bigger than average with significantly more boys than girls. Many of the students come from home circumstances that, in economic terms, can be described as disadvantaged. The school is set within an area where there is a high level of deprivation compared to the national context. The majority of students are from a range of minority ethnic groups and speak more than seventy different languages. Over a third of students are from homes where English is not the first language.

Children participating in Let's Get Cooking learn new skills not only in cooking, but also in looking after their health and wellbeing through building their understanding and knowledge of food and nutrition. They also develop new interests that increase their self esteem and confidence. By participating in this project, Ricoh is taking practical action on the issues of healthy eating, education, nutrition and obesity, helping to make a real impact on a problem that is affecting many children and young people in the society.

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