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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2010

CSR training in Ricoh Europe
Apr. 2, 2010

Ricoh Europe / Europe

The department of Internal Learning at Ricoh Academy Europe has developed a one-day CSR training course since April 2009. The purpose of the CSR training is to provide all Ricoh EMEA Group employees with the information needed to understand Ricoh’s Company DNA as a sustainable business partner. The training consists of 5 parts, beginning with an introduction to the concept of CSR followed by the four pillars of our CSR Charter:

In a fun and interactive way, participants will discover what he/she - as a Ricoh employee - can do to contribute. During the session participants will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of exercises, e.g. creating a timeline poster on the history of CSR. The trainer will make links between personal life and the subject of CSR; The training includes group discussions, competitive games and quizzes, etc. The goal of this training is that an employee will develop knowledge, awareness, enthusiasm and commitment to the Ricoh CSR concept .

Since the start of delivery till today, the programme has been conducted 7 times and 51 trainees attended. “Recently I had the pleasure of attending the CSR training. During the session, the subject of CSR that seemed to be boring to me was made interesting via a lively interactive workshop. The atmosphere was created in which everybody felt comfortable to express their honest opinion and give input. It was fun when we made links between our personal situation and our company. I would recommend everybody in our organisation to sign up for this course to learn what CSR is all about. It is a great training!” (Source: quote from one of the trainees written on the evaluation form)

As the course is very impressive, Mariel Blom, who developed and delivers this course in Learning & Development team, won the prestigious 2010 "Trainer of the Year" award from the IITT (Institute of IT Training).

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