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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2009

School Governors in Ricoh UK
Dec. 14, 2009

Ricoh UK Ltd. / United Kingdom

  • School Governors in Ricoh UK

Ricoh UK has several employees that are School Governors, but it would like to help and support more employees in becoming School Governors in cooperation with a non-profit organisation School Governors One Stop Shop (SGOSS).
SGOSS helps raise awareness of the opportunities to become School Governors.

In the UK, there is currently a shortage of people volunteering as School Governors. All Boards of Governors need representation by members of school staff and parents of pupils at the school, but they also usually have an obligation to include representatives from the local community as well, so-called "Community Governors".

Ricoh UK held two SGOSS open-days in May and July at their Northampton and Feltham offices during which SGOSS offered advice to employees who would like to know more about becoming a Governor.
Most School Governor activity is during an evening or a weekend, but there are sometimes occasions when a Governor may need to attend a school meeting during 'normal' working hours. To enable this RUK will allow any employee volunteering as a School Governor to be entitled to up to two days permitted absence from work (with manager's prior consent) per year.

Becoming a School Governor allows employees to apply their work skills outside the workplace. It also enables them to acquire new skills which can be transferred back into their job, such as project management, teamwork, budget control, leadership, interviewing, etc.

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