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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2009

Teaching children about the environment
Feb. 1, 2009

Ricoh Industrie France / France

  • Teaching children about the environment

Ricoh Industrie France S.A.S. (RIF) has been inviting children to its factories to teach them about the company's environmentally friendly activities, such as materials reduction, recycling, and waste management, through a program called "Eco'Cleanic" since 2003.
In December 2008, the company received a request from the local Blaise Pascal high school whose students wanted to learn about the role of information technology in environmental management. In response, the company invited the students to interview employees and tour the factories. The 26 visiting students learned that information technology is closely linked to environmental activities through database creation and carbon footprint measurement for example.
Following their investigation, the students created a blog titled, "IT-related professions support environmental management," which was finally ranked 4th in a blog contest for French high school students to present how information technology contributes to company's activities and development.

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