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CSR around the world <Europe> – 2009

Employees continue support for South African orphans
Jan. 1, 2009

NRG Gestetner South Africa / South Africa

  • Employees continue support for South African orphans
  • Employees continue support for South African orphans

Employees of NRG Gestetner South Africa (Pty) Ltd. have been supporting a facility for orphans since 2006. This facility provides a safe home for children who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or themselves fallen victim to the disease, which has ravaged South Africa. It was established based on the belief that all children have the right to grow up in a loving and caring home.
NRG Gestetner SA hosts Christmas and Easter parties for children in the home, donating toys and clothes as presents, and regularly provides groceries. The company's goal is to help the children to develop self-esteem as well as to give them a better quality of life. In addition, monthly donations made by the company go toward the children's education and medical costs as well as repairs to the facility.
In 2008, employees volunteered their time and effort to renovate the facility. Before the renovations, more than 55 children, including infants, shared one large room. Now, with the work to divide the space into smaller rooms completed, a maximum of four children share a room. The company also provided bed sheets, blankets, lighting, carpets and other necessities for each room and the employees cleaned rooms, moved furniture, and arranged the children's clothing.
Donations in 2008 totaled five times the amount given when the company first began supporting this project, while the employees have been growing awareness of the local community. The local community itself has also become more aware of the facility, thanks to the company's support of it. The company plans to continue to offer and expand support for the facility in 2009 and beyond.

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