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CSR around the world <Asia Pacific/China> – 2013

Rehabilitating Our Mangrove

Ricoh Malaysia/Malaysia

Rehabilitating Our Mangrove

Ricoh Malaysia (RMS) employees worked together with their customers on 9th of July, 2013 to rehabilitate the mangroves in the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. RMS has been working together with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in the project of "Much About Mangroves" for over two years and this was the 3rd visit to check on the progress of the saplings we have planted for the last 2 years.

Following the first planting, the saplings have grown to an average of 30 cm tall. In this event alone, a total of 500 mangrove saplings were freshly planted (500 planted in the previous events) in a site which is on a muddy ground but it could encourage the saplings growth. The next step will be ensuring the saplings continue to grow and to provide a habitat for local wild-life such as water birds.

On top of contributing to the Malaysian economy by providing resources and products such as charcoal, seafood, mangrove forests also protect the shorelines from tsunami and act as a natural filter for waterborne pollutants.

RMS is consistently working to harmonize the business plans with the environment around us and strive to help to minimize the eco-footprint of our customers. RMS is proud in knowing that when customers use our products and services, they also support the cause of sustaining a healthy environment for the future. The strong support from the customer participation has encouraged RMS to continue with this project in the aim of spreading the green message to multi-levels community surrounding us.

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