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CSR around the world <Asia Pacific/China> – 2010

Fifteen-year efforts recognized by the Thai Princess
Sep. 3, 2010

Ricoh (Thailand) / Thailand

  • Ratree Sasirachsiri receiving an honor from Princess Soamsawali
    Ratree Sasirachsiri receiving an honor
    from Princess Soamsawali

In Thailand, the job market for people with disabilities is not welcoming. However, Ricoh Thailand actively recruits and retains workers with disabilities, recognizing that they can demonstrate just as excellent a performance as their abled-body coworkers when appropriate training and support is provided. Ratree Sasirachsiri is among those who demonstrate by example that employees with disabilities can contribute to the company’s success as much as their colleagues when given such opportunities. This highly motivated telephone operator with visual impairment has always been striving for better performance during her 15-year professional life at Ricoh Thailand, and is well-respected by her peers. She was honored by Thai Princess Soamsawali in recognition of her role model* status among workers with disabilities. Ricoh Thailand will continue providing an inclusive and motivating working environment that enables its employees with diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential and achieve professional growth.

  • *A role model is an individual whose behavior and attitude is exemplary and worth emulating by others.

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