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CSR around the world <Asia Pacific/China> – 2010

Contribution to Local Community in Australia
May 14, 2010

Lanier (Australia) Pty Ltd / Australia

  • Breakfast at the Brotherhood
    Breakfast at the Brotherhood
  • Voluntter staff of Lanier Australia
    Voluntter staff of Lanier Australia

Lanier (Australia) Pty Ltd regularly hosts a breakfast program at the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a non-government, community-based organization concerned with social justice.

At the Brotherhood of St Laurence, they depend on their partners, volunteers and supporters to provide the extra resources, skills and capacity to their programs and services, some of which would not be possible without that little extra.

Staff of Lanier have always been generous with their time and know that volunteer support plays an integral role within the services provided by the Brotherhood. Their support involves cooking and serving a hot breakfast as well as cleaning and communicating with the elderly residences of the Brotherhood.

Further to this, Lanier hosts an annual charity day to raise funds for the Brotherhood. This day usually involves inviting key Lanier customers to a golf day to raise fund for the Brotherhood. We have been able to build strong relationships with our customers through our charity fund raising days.

Our employees are dedicated to the program and often express their support for the program through employee surveys. Lanier will continue to support the Brotherhood in 2010.

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