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CSR around the world <Asia Pacific/China> – 2009

Earthquake relief efforts at Ricoh China
Feb. 1, 2009

Ricoh China / China

  • Earthquake relief efforts at Ricoh China

Following the massive earthquake that shook Sichuan Province, China, on May 12, 2008, three employees from Ricoh China Co., Ltd. (RCN) (our regional sales headquarters in China) visited Sichuan in late May and conducted an on-site inspection into the plight of schools and government offices to find out how Ricoh China could help. The three employees met with local government and education bureau officials in Chengd. and Mianyang (both disaster-stricken areas) and obtained information on local damage, the plight of office equipment at disaster relief headquarters and support for local schools. Based on this information, Ricoh China donated office equipment to the local disaster relief headquarters to Communityaccelerate their emergency assistance efforts and donated printers to local elementary schools and junior high schools to help them resume classes as soon as possible. In determining which schools would receive the printer donations, Ricoh China defined the criteria such as the level of damage to school buildings, plight of equipment, and funding capabilities. The donation of office equipment based on the employees' swift needs assessment greatly contributed to the early reopening of local schools lacking equipment. In addition, as part of the assistance, Ricoh China employees visited all user companies and schools to check damage to Ricoh equipment at the afflicted area and conducted repairs. As of the end of May, Ricoh was the first Japanese company to conduct on-site activities. For this reason, local newspapers and government newsletters wrote articles on Ricoh's efforts, which won high praise. As a result, the company earned the public's trust, and this trust is leading to new sales in the area.

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