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CSR around the world <Asia Pacific/China> – 2008

Environmental education for children at Japanese schools, local elementary schools and junior high schools
Mar. 1, 2008

Ricoh China Co., Ltd. / Shanghai

  • President Niimura of RCN
    President Niimura of RCN giving a lecture
    in front of 240 fifth graders of
    Hongqiao School,
    a Japanese school in Shanghai

Ricoh China Co., Ltd. (RCN), the regional headquarters in China, is pushing forward with environmental conservation activities outside the Ricoh Group to local communities, including partner companies and customers. One example is the environmental education at elementary schools in Shanghai, started in fiscal 2007, to raise children's awareness toward environmental issues. This was held at Japanese schools in Shanghai on February 21 and 22, as well as at local elementary schools on May 27 and 29 and at local junior high schools on June 5 and 6, which was the first environmental education program provided by a Japanese company. RCN's environmental program focuses on discussions with children on environmental conservation. This time, RCN and participating children focused on environmental conservation, in an exercise aimed at encouraging children to take part in environmental conservation activities as much as possible. The two-day program supported children in building their awareness of and making presentations on environmental conservation activities that they themselves can undertake. RCN has received requests from schools to continue this program next year and beyond.

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