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CSR around the world <America> – 2009

Contributing to the community through non-profit assistance
Jan. 1, 2009

Ricoh Canada / Canada

  • Contributing to the community through non-profit assistance

Ricoh Canada Inc. has been supporting the Community-based non-profit organization United Way to encourage employees to contribute to their local community. The project began in 1998 as the "United Way Campaign." Since then, orientations have been held for employees all over Canada and donations collected.
Between October and December 2008, pancake breakfasts, mini golf tournaments and bowling competitions were held as part of a campaign to collect donations and to promote involvement of the employees. As a result, the 2008 campaign involved 580 employees-about 65%-and raised a total of 166,490 Canadian dollars (roughly 12.7 million yen) including the amount matched by the company. The donations are being used to support United Way's activities that support children, women and the elderly in the community and to help immigrants settle into new lives to name a few.
In addition, Ricoh Canada holds "Days of Caring" twice a year to encourage employees to participate in local community activities. So far, employees have engaged in various volunteer activities from assisting with meals for the elderly to doing gardening work at facilities supported by United Way and working at community centers.
As a result of 10 years of continued support, the company collected double the amount of donations in 2008 compared with the first year of the collaboration. The activities have become so well known in the company that there are no longer any employees who are unfamiliar with United Way. In the future, the company plans to develop a framework to encourage more employees to engage in activities that contribute to their individual communities.

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