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CSR around the world <America> – 2007

Establishing guidelines for volunteer activities
Jun. 1, 2007

Ricoh Americas Corporation / New Jersey

  • Guidelines on volunteer activities prepared by RAC
    Guidelines on volunteer activities
    prepared by RAC

In the fall of 2007, Ricoh Americas Corporation (RAC) formulated guidelines for carrying out and reporting volunteer activities for all RAC employees. The guidelines are designed to support employee's efforts in volunteering for a variety of community projects. These Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines provide a consistent framework as to what qualifies as a CSR activity. They clearly state the basic principles of volunteer activities, standards for selecting projects, and advice on what types of activities should be considered. Also, an infrastructure has been established to collect information detailing the individual activities and how many hours were volunteered. This data will be used to support RAC's goal of volunteering 4,500 employee hours in communities throughout the United States. The activity reports are part of the CSR Scrapbook that can be seen on the RAC intranet page.

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