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Feature Stories - Story6: Document Security

RICOH's special stories to present a new value beneficial to the world.

Ricoh delivers security covering a document's entire life cycle. A total security strategy.

To guard against online security threats, most companies use antivirus software, access permission restrictions and other measures. When it comes to document security, however, the typical company is not nearly so well protected. If sensitive information is printed out and allowed to circulate outside the company, or if the original document is taken off company premises, this defeats the whole purpose of online security measures.

Unlike online data, hard-copy documents don't leave a traceable record, so document security is arguably harder to ensure. But documents, electronic and hard-copy are precious information assets. That's why Ricoh is pioneering a strategy for preventing their leakage and falsification. We're developing a product security system offering effective protection against the risks foreseeable across the whole document life cycle, from creation, through processing, management and storage, to disposal.

Use IC cards for enhanced security. Make your office a more secure, and efficient environment.

One of Ricoh's key document security solutions is a card authentication package. Using IC cards as ID, this system enables the use of multifunctional products (MFPs) to be restricted to IC cardholders. In other words, the document cannot be output unless the cardholder uses their IC card: this can prevent the information leaks that can occur when someone picks up the wrong printout by mistake, or forgets to pick up their own printout.

The use of certain functions can also be restricted, for example, to particular departments or seniority levels. The system can keep records showing which documents have been output when, and by whom. This makes it possible to accommodate a wide range of workplace document-security needs.

Along with enhanced security, the Ricoh system also delivers greater convenience through features such as location-free printing: this enables the user, when printing out a document, to select any printer currently available.

Providing a network that links the in-house environment with the external world, and connecting all the MFPs, printers and software functioning as the input and output devices of that network, our system creates an office where information flows are appropriately free. By delivering a high-security environment, Ricoh makes information-sharing more secure, and helps your company get the most out of its in-house information and expertise.

Our devices also offer built-in security functions. The quality of Ricoh security is internationally certified.

Meanwhile, as we make the office environment more secure, we're also enhancing the security functions built into our MFPs and printers. To this end, we're using a wide array of techniques and functions. One example is our Data Overwrite Security System (DOSS), which overwrites the user data and residual data left behind on the hard disk of an MFP or printer when documents are copied, scanned, or output from a PC. Another example is our HDD Encryption function, which enables address-book data, authentication information, archived documents and so forth to be encrypted before being saved to the hard disk. Then there's our Unauthorized Copy Control function, whereby an embedded warning message is superimposed conspicuously on the text if someone attempts to make an unauthorized copy of a document.

Although we've made our devices more secure, we've kept them just as user-friendly as ever. Our achievements have not gone unnoticed, and in March 2010, the Ricoh imagio MP 5000 SP/4000 SP digital MFP became the world's first product to achieve ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria certification conforming to the IEEE Std. 2600.1-2009 international standard on information security for MFPs and printers. A pioneer in the field, Ricoh will continue to provide our customers with enhanced office security.

* "imagio" is a trademark used in Japan only; it is replaced in other markets.