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Feature Stories - Story5: The Candid Photo

RICOH's special stories to present a new value beneficial to the world.

A magical moment can pop up out of the blue. Take a photo. Share the magic.

You never know when you're going to see something that lights you up. It can happen on an ordinary day. Or when you're travelling. You could easily blink and miss it. Or you could take out your camera and capture it for eternity. This type of serendipitous snapshot is what Ricoh calls the candid photo. It's that never-to-be-repeated memorable moment, captured in a photograph, a lasting artwork that shares your emotion with everyone who sees it.

At Ricoh, we want as many people as possible to experience the joy of taking a photo that truly thrills. That's why we set ourselves the task of opening up photography to all its possibilities. Day by day, in ways that range from product development to service support and promotion, we're doing just that.

A precious memory. A rush of emotion. Capture it in the same heartbeat.

At Ricoh, we want to provide the instruments you need to record those never-to-be-repeated memories, those moments when your heart skips a beat. That's why we work hard to open up photography in everything we do, including product development. Take our GR DIGITAL camera series, for example. Striving for the best possible image quality, we developed the GR Lens, with its outstanding optical performance, and the GR ENGINE, which enables advanced image-processing. That's how we managed to combine high image quality with speed and agility. Or take the CX series. Here, we pushed product evolution that bit further, delivering industry-beating macro capability, 28mm wide-angle shooting and a high-magnification zoom function, all without compromising on leading-edge photographic style. Then there's the unprecedented GXR Interchangeable Unit Camera System we unveiled in 2009. In this compact camera, the lens forms part of an interchangeable camera unit that slots in or slides out of the body with the greatest of ease. This gives the GXR great artistic versatility in situations where a conventional DSLR would be awkward to carry and a conventional compact just wouldn't make the grade. By continuing to develop digital cameras with high performance and unique properties, Ricoh intends to open up even more possibilities for the candid photo.

Working with our customers to make photography more fun than ever.

Ricoh is pursuing initiatives to enlarge the artistic scope of the candid photo well beyond product development. One example is the GR blog we launched to coincide with the release of the GR DIGITAL series. An always-open two-way channel for direct communication between Ricoh and our customers, this blog is also a forum where we offer technical tips, display examples of cool photographic styles, and exhibit outstanding photos. Then there's the Ring Cube photo gallery we opened in Tokyo in 2008. A physical space where photographers amateur and professional producing distinctive work can come together, the Ring Cube also features a website where the work of professional photographers is published. Along with these projects, Ricoh runs a variety of programs, including photography competitions and workshops, encouraging our customers to participate.

Of course, providing the perfect cameras for taking candid photos is not all we do. Ricoh is passionate about interfacing with our customers through all channels, including customer service and technical support. In the future, as always, we'll be working with our customers to make photography more fun than ever.