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Feature Stories - Story11: Managed Document Services

RICOH's special stories to present a new value beneficial to the world.

Ricoh Managed Document Services help improve your core-business productivity.

Working with documents: viewing them, signing off on them, receiving and inspecting them. It can get complicated and time-consuming. If documents ? both print and electronic ? are not managed in a centralized way, employees can waste far too much time searching for or recreating information that already exists. Is your enterprise being held back by this kind of productivity drain? Ricoh Managed Document Services (MDS) can help.

Besides dramatically reducing operating and management costs, Ricoh MDS gives your employees rapid access to your information resources, empowering them to process information more efficiently. By relieving you of the burden of document management, Ricoh frees you up to focus on your core business. As a result, productivity is enhanced.

Deploying our global MDS network, Ricoh provides high-quality service, worldwide.

Ricoh MDS delivers value in three ways.

1. Global

To ensure that our service quality is consistently high around the world, Ricoh employs one of the industry's largest direct service organizations to help our customers reach across linguistic and cultural borders and collaborate everywhere. We develop a standard global MDS portfolio to “visualize” your organization's document infrastructure. Then we work out how it can be improved. Once Ricoh MDS is in place, we manage the transformation, continually proposing new ways to streamline your document processes. Ricoh’s unique service approach is based on years of experience in handling document management, and our global network delivers products and services through in-country teams in more than 180 countries. We understand that your global enterprise requires that our service be consistent throughout the world, and that's what we deliver.

Our MDS service portfolio was developed at our global competency centers, which are staffed by MDS specialists from the US, Europe and Japan. Besides developing our high-quality service, these centers enable us to implement Ricoh MDS at your offices around the world. Once Ricoh MDS is up and running, we monitor your document infrastructure continuously, and propose ways to make it even better. Based on insights gained from both experience and needs analysis, we continually refine our Ricoh MDS offerings to better serve our customers.

2. Adaptive

We look at your operations, your staff, your workflow, your processes and even your customers. We propose immediate improvements, and improvements for the future. This input can make a real difference to your bottom line. With over 30,000 sales staff and MDS specialists worldwide, we can spot exactly where your information gaps and roadblocks are, and adapt Ricoh MDS to the way you work.

3. Holistic

Your information infrastructure is woven into the whole fabric of your global enterprise. Our holistic service manages and operates that infrastructure as a whole, using Ricoh's cloud-based MDS support tools. These tools enable us to manage your entire office equipment environment, in real-time, regardless of equipment brand or manufacturer. Utilizing an extensive array of reporting functions, we keep tabs on your hardware, supplies and other assets. We track improvement, including cost reduction, and log service administration. We report periodically, even on a daily basis, helping streamline your document workflow even further.

A leading US healthcare product manufacturer is just one of many companies to benefit from Ricoh's strength in Organizational Change Management Expertise.

Ricoh MDS can do more than improve your document infrastructure. It can also help your workforce get fully on board with a new way of working. We believe the key to successful introduction of MDS is a goal-oriented framework for managed, properly-sequenced change in order to achieve a desired business result. That's why our MDS portfolio features Organizational Change Management Services.

Deployed by a leading US manufacturer of healthcare products when implementing Ricoh MDS, our Organizational Change Management Services delivered significant benefits, dispelling employees' misgivings about adopting a new printing infrastructure and new printing practices.

Before introducing Ricoh MDS, this manufacturer had been using vast numbers of printers of different makes. The problem was that printer installations and printing costs were not being properly managed. Once Ricoh MDS was in place, we dramatically improved printer deployment, slashing printing costs by as much as 34%. We streamlined document workflow, raising efficiency and productivity. What's more, by managing the company's entire fleet of printers, we enhanced its energy-saving and security performance.

Any global enterprise needs a holistic, adaptive, global solution for its document management needs. That solution is Ricoh MDS.

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