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Feature Stories - Story1: Production Printing

RICOH's special stories to present a new value beneficial to the world.

Ricoh responds to diverse printing demands at the front lines of business.

Business printing requirements have expanded in recent years. Due to rising demand for small lot sizes and immediate turnaround of diverse printed materials, swifter low-cost printing has become a necessity at many businesses. Furthermore, many corporations and printing businesses are calling for more flexible printing techniques like variable-data printing to deal with increased demand for one-to-one marketing. In response, Ricoh has entered the production-printing arena, where our total solutions are raising print quality standards and optimally utilizing IT to lower business costs.

Recognizing that every business has different requirements, Ricoh takes a customer-centric approach to providing tailored solutions and premiere service that fully satisfy customers in the production printing market.

Production printing solutions from Ricoh, the expert in imaging solutions.

As early as the 1950’s, Ricoh was already releasing copy machines and looking into the potential of digital technology. Being a pioneer in the field of office automation, Ricoh has a unique perspective on production printing and offers four types of solutions.

  1. Data Center Printing Solutions
    Ricoh helps businesses reduce costs and raise quality while addressing emerging needs such as the decentralization of central reprographic departments and production of transpromo materials that personalize marketing messages in statements, bills and invoices.
  2. Digital Printer Solutions
    These solutions meet the specialized needs of printing businesses where variable-data printing is often required for personal direct mail (DM) and other one-to-one marketing materials.
  3. In-plant Printing Solutions
    Designed for speed and affordability, these solutions are ideal for in-house printing of employee educational materials, business cards, and other materials that were previously time-consuming and costly to create.
  4. PFP (Print For Pay) Solutions
    Our PFP solutions are used for print services at coffee shops, supermarkets, convenience stores and the like, where basic catalogs, promotional materials and presentation documents are typically printed.

Ricoh production printing solutions are tailored to the specialized needs of different types of businesses and the customers they serve. We are committed to providing answers to your production printing needs.

Total solutions for various businesses and languages in 36 countries worldwide

At Ricoh, we offer more than leading product quality. We offer comprehensive support that meets the full range of customer needs. For example, our global network of PICs (Printing Innovation Centers) in cities like Tokyo, London and New York allows customers to discover firsthand how our printing solutions can streamline their workflow, add value and empower their business.

Our total production printing solutions streamline document output management while seamlessly complementing business operations in the language of choice. Through our customer-centric perspective, on-target support, and one of the largest sales and service networks in the industry, we are striving to become the world’s partner of choice in the print-on-demand market.