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Specialist staff provide
top quality customer support by remote
Specialist staff provide top quality customer support by remote

Remote service support

Visual communication that connects you whenever and wherever you want

People are seeking out new ways of working such as steps aimed at rectifying long working hours, improving work-life balance, and increasing diversity. If companies want to boost productivity, they simply have to actively engage in measures such as telecommuting, satellite offices and teleconferencing.
Ricoh advocates workstyle reforms based around visual communication products. Video and web conferencing systems that connect to the internet do not require dedicated lines and, since they are cloud-based, they do not require MCUs (multiple control units) either. Simple intuitive operations and smooth, high-resolution video mean that participants can understand one another easily. Our products support smooth communication so that you can interact and bond with people in distant locations just as if they were right next to you.

Remote customer service boosts client satisfaction

Many sectors are being transformed by the expansion of the web and a diversification of services, and companies are scrambling to respond to these huge changes. When it comes to sales and marketing in particular, they need to have staff with a high level of expertise in touch with their clients so that they can provide consultancy which is tailored to each client.
This can be done by providing remote customer service where experts at the head office respond via a teleconferencing system to customers who have come into a store. This service is starting to be adopted as a way to provide optimal solutions in a timelier manner and giving detailed consultancy advice, even without the physical presence of the consultants.
Our next step is to expand the possibilities of the business itself to enable an even higher level of customer service, for example by making it easier to analyze results, and by having the system automatically recommend the optimum suggestion based on what the client has said.

Fulfillment through Work

Fulfillment can be defined as a feeling gained from achievement and self-development.​
RICOH enables individuals to work smarter, and by providing fulfillment through work, we will enhance the quality of life.