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imagine the future,  change the world.

Imagine enjoying dinner one minute after an early morning meeting.

You can participate in a productive early morning meeting
with your counterparts halfway around the world,
all from the comfort of home.
In today’s era of immediate telecommunication,
almost anything is possible.

imagine Workstyle

Free yourself from the limitations of time and place. With our new approach to work, you have the freedom to be even more creative.change

A video conferencing or web conferencing system that enables us to connect easily with others in a virtual face-to-face encounter creates a vibrant form of communication. In short, it simulates the experience of sharing a common space with others.
What’s more, interactive whiteboards allow the sharing of handwritten exchanges in real time, sparking discussion that is as vigorous and immediate as if your counterpart were actually there in the same room.

Providing this novel approach to many countries, Ricoh continues to introduce innovations into our work lives.
By taking advantage of office solutions and combining numerous technologies with our abundant experience and proven expertise in images, video, document management, networking and office construction, Ricoh has introduced a new form of business communication that overcomes the limitations of time and place.
At Ricoh, we’re creating collaborative environments in which people can develop ideas with others anytime and anywhere.
What’s more, our approach offers more opportunity for a positive work-life balance.
Telework, as well as collaborative office environments, allows key workers to assemble quickly in open spaces whenever necessary, thus increasing productivity.
By remaining one step ahead of the competition in today’s new world of work, Ricoh is just beginning to emerge as a trailblazer for the modern era.

Products & Technologies
that Enablechange

Solutions for Workstyle Innovation

Video conferencing and web conferencing systems that easily link distant parties through video fill a huge need, especially when combined with virtual office environments that can be assembled quickly at any time. This leads to new work methods that stimulate creativity while overcoming limitations of time and place. For example, our interactive whiteboard allows for handwritten exchanges in real time.

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Examples of successfulchange

Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Versatile, trouble-free global communication supports prompt decision-making.

JX Holdings, Inc.

Interactive whiteboards and open spaces usher in a new approach to work.

Evaluating Products and

RICOH Unified Communication System P3500

Go-anywhere communication

Recipient of the iF design Award in 2015, our video conferencing/web conferencing system was developed in an effort to offer “Anytime, Anywhere Natural Communication.” Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this system is quite portable and can be set up in three simple steps, with no computer required. This system was designed to allow easy communication with people in remote locations from anywhere.