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imagine the future,  change the world.

Experience the thrill of alpine skiing
through virtual reality in the comfort of home.

Immersed in a 360-degree virtual reality
experience, you can now enjoy
an omnidirectional video of a thrilling
ski down the slopes of Mont Blanc.
Everywhere you look, your surroundings
present a majestic view of the Alps.
The realism of the images is such that
you become consumed with the adventure,
your feet and body moving reflexively to
match the stride of the skier.

imagine Viewing

When the world becomes perceptible to both people and robots in equal measures, a revolution in value creation occurs.change

Thanks to Ricoh’s unique optical, image-recognition and image-processing technologies, the scope of the world that is open to our view is expanding. Specifically, as the areas of the world visible to robots expand, opportunities to create value are generated.

A world that is becoming increasingly visible to all

The RICOH THETA camera, which is capable of capturing 360-degree spherical images or video in one take, is a technological breakthrough that overcomes longstanding barriers in the realms of equipment and technical expertise. The world that is visible to humanity is undergoing a transformation thanks to a series of innovative image-sharing technologies that have emerged on social networks. This camera is also compatible with live streaming and VR devices, thus making it possible for all to witness what is happening around the world in real time.

Expanding opportunity to create value

Cameras capable of stereoscopic vision can now recognize three-dimensional spaces, much like human vision, making it possible for robots to automatically pick from a pile of parts at a manufacturing site. This technology is also being applied to drones that are expected to be employed for practical use in logistics warehouses. As Ricoh's various industrial cameras continue to change the world as seen by robots, opportunities to create value continue to expand.

Products & Technologies
that Enablechange


The RICOH THETA camera allows you to take spherical images and movies in one take. And with the dedicated app, you can easily browse, edit and share the results. Since the launch of the introductory model in 2013, many images and videos have been shared on social networking sites, including outstanding scenes of natural beauty, historic sites, and everyday scenes of celebrities. This novel video experience, which allows the viewer to take in a full 360-degree view, is proving revolutionary in the visual world. Recently, various commercial entities have begun to use this technology in realms where realistic reproduction of spatial imagery adds value.

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Examples of successfulchange

Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd.

High accuracy and 360-degree virtual tours have improved customer satisfaction across Japan and around the world.

Evaluating Products and


An innovative communications tool with unlimited potential

Ricoh has won global acclaim for the RICOH THETA from a variety of market segments including cameras, design and home appliances. For example, at the German Design Award in 2017, the RICOH THETA was declared the winner for its appealing design and for offering the greatest overall enjoyment. At the Camera Grand Prix — an event considered quite influential within the Japanese camera industry — the RICOH THETA won the Editors Award in 2014 and was recognized for introducing a new form of expression as an innovative communications tool offering unlimited potential.

  • Camera GP Japan 2014 カメラ記者クラブ賞

Products & Technologies
that Enablechange

Industrial Cameras

Stereo industrial cameras that recognize three-dimensional spaces — by using contrasting information from two side-by-side cameras simulating human vision — have made it possible for robots to assess depth and pick through parts, a feat that has long been difficult to automate. Ricoh's various industrial cameras enhance the viewing acuity of robots; this makes it possible to create value in a wide range of fields including vehicle assembly and security as well as at manufacturing and logistics sites.

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