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imagine”Reading on Paper”

imagine the future,  change the world.

A storybook in which our own child 
is the main character is a gift to cherish for a lifetime!

Commercial printing, customized to individual preferences,
is now a reality. For younger readers,
picture books in which they star as the main characters
have the potential to inspire like nothing before.

imagine Reading on Paper

Open the door to greater satisfaction in work and everyday life through a new relationship with paperchange

Ricoh, as a company that has long contributed
to meeting your paper needs in both work and everyday life,
continues to add value unique to this medium with advanced technology.
In addition to adding joy, surprise, and greater convenience to our lives,
we are expanding the potential for ways to utilize paper.

Creating a closer connection to the reader's imagination

Send direct mail with a personalized message for every intended recipient. Or create a picture book around images of a special someone or event. Ricoh, working in collaboration with commercial printers specializing in small-run print jobs who can tailor their work to the intended readership, makes it possible for readers to experience printed matter that creates a personal connection.

Display the necessary information anywhere it is needed.

In the industrial sector, Ricoh's unique technology for rewriting label text is allowing information to be visualized exactly as required at manufacturing and logistics sites. We intend to use this new paper-based method of communicating information to improve the efficiency of worksites while contributing to the creation of an environment where workers can demonstrate their creativity to the full.

Products & Technologies
that Enablechange

Creating a closer connection to the reader's imagination
Commercial Printing

Ricoh's commercial printing products and solutions accommodate high-mix/short-run printing, such as on-demand printing and variable data printing incorporating optimized messages for each sender — including one-to-one direct mail to individuals. It also opens up the potential for new ways of expressing ideas on paper that resonate emotionally, such as personalized storybooks containing the names of recipients.

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Production Printing

Our innovative approach to printing allows you to construct a print-on-demand workflow in addition to offering a one-stop solution such as direct mail that includes marketing and delivery.


Production-oriented Products

Our high-value-added production printer contributes to high-quality, low-cost printing of a variety of short-run jobs.

Core Technologies

Production Printer

High speed and high image quality are indispensable to high-mix/short-run printing. Our core technologies provide a low-cost and highly durable solution that meets both these demands with high reliability.

Examples of successfulchange

Dime One Co., Ltd.

High-mix/short-run printing capability meets the need for highly personalized bridal items.

Ishida Bookbinding Co., Ltd.

Our print-on-demand solution creates one-of-a-kind graduation albums with handmade appeal that reflects the spirit of the customer.

Evaluating Products and

RICOH Pro C9100 series

Two leading design professional organizations in Germany highly evaluate our outstanding contribution to user navigation.

This color production printer, which offers mass printing as well as rapid turnover of variable data printing, won the iF Design Award for 2016 as well as the German Design Award for 2017. The printer received high praise for the excellent user navigation and sophisticated design, including the red LEDs that indicate how to deal with a paper jam quickly. Another praiseworthy feature is the large LCD information display that reveals the state of the machine at a glance even while it is handling a print job.


Products & Technologies
that Enablechange

The ability to rewrite on media contributes to information transparency.
Rewritable Media

Media that allows text and images to be rewritten simply through the application of heat is an area of technology at which Ricoh excels. With this innovation, Ricoh is contributing to trouble-free visualization of the information required at manufacturing and logistics sites. This system can rewrite labels about 1,000 times, and hybrid media is available to integrate RF tags with rewritable sheets displaying relevant information.

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RECO-View RF Tags

A revolutionary hybrid media that made it possible for machines and people to read information written in RF tags

Examples of successfulchange

Kinyosha Printing Co., Ltd.

Visualization of the information from an RFID system increases efficiency at the worksite as well as at the office.

Evaluating Products and


Designs that help devices connect with people

Our revolutionary hybrid media combines RF tags with rewritable sheets so that information written to the RF tags is readable by both machines and people. Although RFID systems are contributing to the automation of logistics tasks, a dedicated reader is typically required to view the information they contain. To solve this problem, Ricoh introduced the RECO-View system. Awarded the Good Design Award in 2014, this product has been praised for connecting devices to humans as well as for its excellent design.