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imagine the future,  change the world.

Wow! How did our daughter become so good at making presentations?

As new approaches to learning take hold,
students think more creatively and take their own initiative.
Parents might be surprised on visiting day,
when they see the way their children have developed.

imagine Learning

With our commitment to“Teaching Comes First,”we are shifting from passive to proactive learning ー“learning from one another ”ーin an ICT environment.change

Educational institutions are now promoting the adoption of information and communications technology (ICT).
With our “Teaching Comes First” approach, Ricoh offers ICT education solutions that are bringing more innovation to the classroom, despite many challenges, such as different skill levels among teaching staff.

Teachers and students alike can easily handle the ICT devices that are being introduced into the classroom.
With enough prep time during rest hours, anyone can learn to use these devices quickly, thanks to our improved ICT framework.
ICT provides many primary benefits, such as increasing student understanding and making classrooms livelier and more interesting with audio and video.

The most significant change is that learning is becoming more self-directed.
These user-friendly ICT devices that we provide allow every single student to share opinions and ideas.
As a result, the students develop the ability to listen to other opinions while thinking and communicating on their own.
At schools with fewer students that distance learning ,
passive learning can be transformed into self-directed learning with other students at other educational institutions.
This also enhances the students’ speaking skills by exposing them to diverse opinions in settings that feel as real and immediate as if the students were all collaborating together in the same shared space.

Products & Technologies
that Enablechange

Solutions & Products for the Education Sector

With an interactive whiteboard that all participants can use to share thoughts,
a classroom projector capable of large-screen projection on blackboards for improved comprehension,
and a video conferencing/web conferencing system that simplifies distance learning and
self-directed learning through enhanced realism,
we are making it possible to expand educational opportunities through ICT innovations.

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Solutions for the Education Sector

We are creating an environment that supports self-directed learning by providing ICT devices that teachers and students can adopt with ease.

Examples of successfulchange

Kudan Secondary School,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Large-screen projectors featuring quick setup contribute to active learning through sounds and images.

Tokunoshima Town Board of Education,
Kagoshima Prefecture

Small schools on remote islands can be connected to allow for wide-ranging discussions and development of skills for the 21st century.

Evaluating Products and

RICOH Unified Communication System P3500

video communication

Recipient of the iF design Award in 2015, our video conferencing/web conferencing system was developed in an effort to offer “Anytime, Anywhere Natural Communication.” Featuring a compact and lightweight design, this system is quite portable and can be set up in three simple steps, with no computer required. This system was designed to allow easy communication with people in remote locations from anywhere.